In the 1950s the term ‘hybrid’ had a very different meaning. In contrast to our present day, electric, eco-friendly connotations of the term, ‘hybrids’ were originally high-performance, European-designed sports cars with large, powerful American engines. They had all the European poise and refinement, but the brutal performance of a big…


Before World War II, Packard was considered one of the finest car manufacturers — a sort of American take on Rolls Royce. Similar to their European counterparts, Packard stood for strong, well build, luxurious cars that didn’t change styling cues on a whim. Whereas the likes of Chevrolet, Chrysler and…


Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

What is melancholy? It’s easier to say what it isn’t. Melancholy isn’t rage or bitterness. Seen objectively, it’s more like a heightened sadness that wells up when we unwittingly realize that suffering and a degree of disappointment are inevitable at some point or another. These emotions are hard wired into…

Daniel Caruana Smith

Daniel is a writer, senior teacher and geographer based in Malta. His main passion is empowering students to fulfill their aspirations and reach their goals.

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