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“Whereas in the past most were concerned with how to work with managers, today the focus has shifted more towards how to work as managers.”

“Markets are expanding, business is going global, and opportunities are cropping up on every street corner. Traditional management beware.”

“Anyone who is relatively well organised…


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“Is there a set criteria; a list of skills you must master before your team start to look up to you?”

“Put it this way — managers are looked up to due to their ability to stay on top of things; leaders are followed because they know what they’re doing…


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How well do you know yourself?

“Pretty well. I know how I usually react to certain situations.”

But why do you react that way?

The why question is somewhat harder to answer than the how. One of the greatest challenges we can face is trying to understand the content of…


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“The more aware we are of our ability to misjudge situations, the less the surprise at the feelings they may provoke.”

“We remember things in terms of novelty, excitement or familiarity rather than in hours, days, months or years.”

“An assessment of the world can swing from utopia to anarchy…


In the 1950s the term ‘hybrid’ had a very different meaning. In contrast to our present day, electric, eco-friendly connotations of the term, ‘hybrids’ were originally high-performance, European-designed sports cars with large, powerful American engines. They had all the European poise and refinement, but the brutal performance of a big…


Before World War II, Packard was considered one of the finest car manufacturers — a sort of American take on Rolls Royce. Similar to their European counterparts, Packard stood for strong, well build, luxurious cars that didn’t change styling cues on a whim. …


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What is a school’s primary function? “To teach and educate”, might be your answer. We expect schools to teach us about all the nuances of life and how to be successful; that’s what they’re for, right? Paradoxically, most don’t. …


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The Lotus Cortina is a prime example of two British car makers doing what they do best. In 1963, Ford and Lotus got together to produce a race-winning, two-door, lightweight sedan. Ford supplied the basic two-door Cortina shells along with the front suspension units.

Lotus took deliver of the new…


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Objectively, what gains more attention — a simple, or complex explanation? Our initial reaction may be to go for the simple one. It is easier to understand after all. But does it offer an all encompassing solution? Surely, there will be exceptions to the simple rule, exceptions that a complex…


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What is melancholy? It’s easier to say what it isn’t. Melancholy isn’t rage or bitterness. Seen objectively, it’s more like a heightened sadness that wells up when we unwittingly realize that suffering and a degree of disappointment are inevitable at some point or another. These emotions are hard wired into…

Daniel Caruana Smith

Daniel is a writer, senior teacher and geographer based in Malta. His main passion is empowering students to fulfill their aspirations and reach their goals.

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